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Cady Hayden's Biography

Cady Hayden is the author of 'Growing Up', a short story published by Author Identity Publishing. She also spends her time reviewing children's books for Amazon.com and is awaiting publication for two of her own children's stories.

During her college years, Cady spent most of her time rebelling against the norm. She found her voice in an unlikely situation, as a bartender. It was through this job that she learned how to speak up and out about the things that mattered most. She dedicated her last two years of college and many years after towards learning the craft of being a teacher. Because children inspired her, she began writing children's books. After meeting her fiancé and moving out of state, an unfortunate car accident occured. Cady was hit by a drunk driver and has spent the last year of her life rehabilitating herself. Because she tries to find the good out of the bad, she was able to use this time to submit her children's books and short stories to many publishing companies. Author Identity has welcomed her short story titled 'Growing Up' to be released before the holiday of 2006. Besides traveling and fishing from Alaska to New Jersey, she spends most of her time reading and writing. From these outlets, and her family and friends continual support, is where her inspiration is found.

Cady Hayden recently passed her final test towards becoming a certified Elementary School Teacher. Once her injury is more manageable, she will pursue a career as a school teacher.

Cady Hayden lives in New Jersey with her fiance, her dog and her cat.

Cady Hayden's short story titled
'Growing Up' appears in Author Identity's first short story compilation titled 'The Shortcut: 20 Stories To Get You From Here To There'. ISBN 978-1-4243-2797-3

Not only has she learned so much about the publishing industry from working with the team at Author Identity, but they are helping her with marketing ideas, book signings, readings and author's resources. After all, marketing is key in today's fast paced times and without it your story or book will have a shelf life longer than that of an old can of spam.

The Shortcut has reached #2 on Amazon.com's Bestseller List!


Cady's Published Poetry Published by The Sandpaper of Ocean County, New Jersey

Ode To A Bartender

I recently discovered
by the mouth of a little bird,
That a certain friendly bartender
Had been canned, how absurd!

He had dedicated his service
To the people of the cave,
And left a strong memory
To those who loved the bar slave.

He could rant on and on about nothing
But always have a point,
While serving dollar drafts
He'd never disappoint.

Running around corners
Just to quench your thirst,
Serving up the numbers
Till Jim K snorted and Dougy burst.

He surely will be missed
By his customers and his friends,
No more chatting and laughing
With the likes of lives he did amend.

The little looks he gave you
And the knowledge that he spewed,
Made you feel good to be in the presence
Of the one that was tattooed.

People will be shocked
People will know it's not true,
For the new owners of the bar
Will soon get to them what is due.

Not by vandalism or threats
Not by illegal actions or by fear,
But by the ones who won't show up
To waste their money and drink their beer.

Karma kicks you in the end
When a great lie has been told,
It's a shame and we will miss him
And his stories will be told.

A 'Remember when he did this'
And 'I can't believe what he said',
Will linger in our minds
Even past the lie being said.

The atmosphere will be changed
In the bar and in our thoughts,
For I've never known or worked with
A better man to fill our hearts.

A poem written for Kevin McPherson after being wrongly accused and fired due to his boss's jealousy and insecurity.


Cady's published poem for book's introduction:


Random acts of poetry
seemed the way to me,
To place our stories naturally
to read accordingly.

To use a hat or bucket choice
was simple as it seemed,
And this is what turned up you see
no order or no theme.

So come on in and sit a spell
let us rent a space,
To fill your head with ventures of
our imaginary place.


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Other sites Cady can be found lingering at:


Most of these sites have author's forums and writer's chats to mingle with some newbies and established authors. Try to avoid all the negativity and focus on what is helpful to you as an individual. I got a lot of great ideas from some people and also some marketing tips so check them out!


Cady's Haiku and Poetry


blindingly brilliant
sun. contrast my weakening
soul. you covet my sight.

huntful through lonely
shadow. cold in a luminous
grace. again you win.


feeling through season.
lusting by dream. to hear but
a drop of a sigh.

wisp of top snow anger.
again fill all love with rage.
leave peace in a tear.


ladybug ladybug
why are you here
your wings are too tiny
your tears are too clear

you've acquired this life
without a care to the sky
and wind up alone
amongst giants you fly


I can sit here and wait for a train
that never seems to end its journey

Or I can run with my transportational feet
and end when the world runs out of room for me

My search for laughter is declining
and I feel left with myself

The only being who can change
the direction of my mind, helpless...

My eternal stretch towards internal happiness is cloudy


Our love is loose it shifts each time we move
Only leaving us room to improve,

The truth revealed its face
In our Neverland Place.

Leaving us naked of our words,
And absent of our skin
Impending our love to begin.

The skeletons were left
In the room without a door,

Bringing us back to
The place we were before.

friend's poem


A few of Cady's favorite Nintendo Games and Zip files

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